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4 Signs You’re Sleep Deprived—Plus 5 Ways to Fix It

  by guest blogger Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS Between demanding careers, kids, spouses and a non-stop, 24-hour society that demands we become real-life Energizer Bunnies, it’s no surprise that most of us don’t get enough sleep. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared insufficient sleep a public health problem, reporting […]

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3 Beauty-Boosting Benefits of Turmeric

by the Rodale’s content team We’re currently obsessed with turmeric. This powerful, brightly colored spice, extracted from the roots of plants in the ginger family, has been used for centuries in medicine, dyes, and an incalculable number of tasty meals. And these days, turmeric is really having a moment! That’s because various current research studies […]

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Labor of Love: Celebrating the American Worker

by guest blogger Toni Becker, member of the Rodale’s editorial team Labor Day is right around the corner. It’s the one day of the year when all working Americans can kick up their feet and celebrate, well, themselves. While it’s thought of as the unofficial end to summer, Labor Day is really a day for […]

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The Best Way to Peel a Hard-boiled Egg

by guest blogger Caroline Praderio Peeling hard-boiled eggs is a task I would not wish upon my worst enemy. Seriously. Here’s how things usually go: After a firm tap with a spoon, the shell shatters, leaving you to pick off each infuriating little shard, and removing most of the egg white in the process. You’re […]

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Happy Run-iversary

by guest blogger Andeep Singh, documentarian and television and Web video producer Last year, on the eve of yet another birthday (cue incessant crying and Porsche browsing), I decided I needed a little physical activity to get over my angst. For some then unknown reason, a little voice told me to try running. So I […]

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Denim, a Legendary History

by guest blogger Toni Becker, member of the Rodale’s editorial team When you’ve lived for a long time and are well traveled, your story can get complicated, be misrepresented by others, or if you’re really lucky, become the thing of legends. That’s the case with denim. In today’s world, denim is a modern-yet-classic, fashionable-yet-casual staple […]

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How to Respond to Loneliness in Marriage

by guest blogger Pam Fullerton, psychotherapist and writer In my last article, I touched upon loneliness in marriage. When I married my husband as a young person of 28, I never thought that I would experience feelings of loneliness. The truth is, that feeling of loneliness is one of the utmost challenging experiences that any […]

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Easy Bacon & Cheddar Breakfast Quiche

by Maria Luci, editor at Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen and Rodale’s Bacon! Need we say more? Well, OK, we will: Bacon is the current golden child of the foodie world. And with good reason. It’s delicious and incredibly versatile, used in everything from savory breakfasts and quick lunches to hearty dinners and even sweet desserts […]

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