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3 Toxic Cosmetics You Should Replace Now

by guest blogger Ava Anderson, natural beauty expert and safe cosmetics advocate I always say that it is all about the ingredients, and I recommend using products without harmful ingredients in order to reduce your daily, weekly, yearly, and lifetime body burden of chemicals with known and suspected disease implications. Since up to 60 percent of […]

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5 Cruel Signs Summer Is Over

I promise I won’t complain too much about the fall or winter, but this morning I was freezing and the signs were all around that summer is over, so I just had to share a few of them: 1. My coconut oil gets hard. I use organic coconut oil as my only moisturizer and keep […]

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Oxygen: The Forgotten Nutrient

by guest blogger Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, integrative medicine pioneer Breathing is essential to life. And because it’s automatic, we don’t have to focus on breathing the way we do eating or walking, so we rarely think about it. But maybe we should. Taking in oxygen is fundamental to good health, and for all […]

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Callicarpa: A Must-Have for Fall

When I first saw Callicarpa, otherwise known as beautyberry, I thought it was a joke of some sort. Or perhaps a modern invention for gardeners who want a certain color of purple in their garden. It seems too bright, too purple, and too candy-colored to be true. But then I read about John Bartram and […]

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What Happened When I

by guest blogger Maya Rodale, writer of historical tales of true love and adventure For the month of August I took a break from all social media. Because it’s summer. Because as an author with six books coming out in the next year, this is my last chance to lay low online. Because I was in […]

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity for Fall

by guest blogger Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, integrative medicine pioneer Cold and flu season is approaching, and the sooner you begin your immune-boosting regimen, the better your chances of staying vibrant and healthy all year long. We all know the commonsense measures: Get enough sleep, practice good hygiene and healthy stress reduction, eat lots […]

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An Open Letter to President Obama
Regarding Syria

Dear President Obama, I’ve tried very hard to support you all these years. I attended your first inauguration. (It was very cold.) I voted for you twice. I even paid a lot of money to have my picture taken with you. You were charming. Presidential. I told you I believed in you. All these years […]

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