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Fourth of July Craft: Sunprint Fireworks Jars

by guest blogger Mark Kintzel, designer If you’re looking for a unique craft project to tackle with your friends and family this Independence Day, look no further! Making sunprints is super easy and so much fun. For these jars, I foraged around my yard and found all sorts of cool items—Queen Anne’s lace, tiny little daisylike […]

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Easter Craft: Eggshell Vases

by guest blogger Mark Kintzel, designer Easter floral creations don’t need to be boring or expected, right? Let me show you how to transform a few simple eggs into an impressive table centerpiece… You’ll need: Eggs Spoon Acrylic paint Small craft brushes Toothbrush (for speckling) Flowers of choice Here’s how you do it: 1. Using a […]

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Holiday Craft: Decorating with Repurposed Jars

  by guest blogger Mark Kintzel, designer As I was cleaning my fridge one wintry day, I discovered a mass of spoiled olives, jellies, and other suspicious matter in jars. After emptying and cleaning the jars up, and because I like to recycle in creative ways, I made them into holiday jars filled with pine-scented […]

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From This To That: Crafty Thanksgiving Favors

by guest blogger Mark Kintzel, designer Before popping those empty food tins into the recycling bin this Thanksgiving, why not use them to create beautiful holiday gifts for your guests? Let me show you a superfun and easy DIY project I call “From This to That….” Here’s what you need: Tin cans Small succulents Potting […]

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4 Apple Crafts for Autumn Entertaining

by guest blogger Mark Kintzel, designer It’s apple season! Time for making apple pies, apple crisps, applesauce (yum), and all kinds of other delicious treats. And what does one do with a plethora of apple goodies? Host an autumn party! And since you already have apples on hand, why not decorate with these gorgeous fruits, […]

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Summer Craft: Mint Tin Treasure Boxes

by guest blogger Mark Kintzel, designer Here’s a super-easy and super-fun project for the whole family! Transform empty mint tins into stylish little keepsake boxes, perfect for storing your favorite beach treasures and special trinkets. Or you can tuck tiny little treasure maps inside for a really fun children’s party game. They also make for […]

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