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whipped cream

How To Make Whipped Cream From Scratch

The other day someone who shall not be named showed up to a dinner at my house with the kind of whipped topping that squirts out of a can. It wasn’t organic. And I try not to judge. I ate it. But I thought to myself how easy it is to make it from scratch, […]

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Heirloom Tomato Saucy Toasts

photo by Amy Neunsinger by the editors at Rodale Wellness; recipe by Alicia Silverstone, adapted from The Kind Mama As an afternoon snack or a party appetizer, bite-size tomato toasts make ideal menu additions. And with just a few ingredients, they’re proof that delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated to make. If you’re craving […]

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5 Kitchen Cures to Help You Feel Vibrant

by guest blogger Peggy Kotsopoulos, registered holistic nutritionist, culinary consultant, and author of Kitchen Cures: Revolutionize Your Health with Foods that Heal How you look and feel is a direct reflection of what you eat. Food shapes the way you think, the way you process information, the clarity of your ideas and thoughts. It influences […]

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The Skinny on Fats

by guest blogger Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, integrative medicine pioneer Humans have a complicated relationship with fat. On the one hand, we need this critical nutrient to survive. In fact, we are biologically programmed to detect fats in our food choices. A recent study conducted in the U.S. and the Netherlands found that many […]

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In Praise of the Great Flat White

I’d heard about Flat Whites before I visited Australia—they’re the country’s signature coffee drink. But, some of you may remember I went “off” coffee and caffeine for my trip, so I never got a chance to drink one while I was there. (Don’t worry; I won’t make that mistake again.) Once back in the States […]

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Homemade Chicken Broth from Scratch

I recently realized that one of the first recipe blogs I ever did has disappeared from the cyber planet. And it happens to be the most important recipe of all! Homemade Chicken Broth from Scratch is the basis for almost everything I believe in. It’s so simple and easy, so valuable, so healing, and so […]

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Homemade Hoppin’ John

Every New Year’s Eve I think I’m going to make Hoppin’ John, and then I forget because I’m too busy making Roast Pork, Mashed Potatoes, and Sauerkraut, which is the Pennsylvania Dutch version of Hoppin’ John—meaning the good-luck meal you want to eat on New Year’s Day. Well, this year I made both. But I’m […]

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High Net-Gain Nutrition

by guest blogger Brendan Brazier, athlete, author, and creator of Vega and Thrive Forward My nutrition philosophy, summarized in the Thrive book series, is not based around calories, but focuses instead on what I like to call high net-gain nutrition. By eating foods that are easy to digest and contain the greatest amount of each […]

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