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Maria’s 5 Favorites: Prep for Potluck & Picnic Season!

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping—which means that it’s officially picnic and potluck season! To celebrate, I’m sharing my favorite earth-friendly and super-useful picnic and potluck essentials that pair perfectly with checkered blankets, crowded tables filled with friends and family, and delicious meals shared under the sun or […]

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5 Favorites for the Earth-Friendly Kitchen

Cooking healthily and safely isn’t just about choosing organic, natural, and nutritious food; it’s about using safe kitchen tools, as well. That means ditching nonstick Teflon pans and plastic containers and sticking to kitchen equipment made of nontoxic materials like glass, cast iron, and stainless steel. This week, to promote healthier kitchen practices, I’ve chosen […]

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Plastic-Free Food Storage Solutions

by guest blogger Toni Becker, member of the Rodale’s editorial team Regardless of our cultural, family, or religious traditions, at this time of year we can all rely on one constant: food, and lots of it! But how are you going to store it, transport it, and keep it fresh, and above all, safe? The […]

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March Freezer Madness

UPDATE: Behind-the-scenes video added to the post about The Doctors! I’ve always said March is the hardest month here in Pennsylvania. You think it’s really going to be spring, but it’s not quite here yet. I’ve always thought the concept of Lent came from a seasonal need to conserve and fast just because nothing is […]

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