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Homemade Beef Bone Broth

by Maria Luci, editor at Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen and Rodale’s Drinking bone broth is more than just the latest food trend—it’s an easy and delicious way to add a little extra nutrition to your daily diet. Linked to a number of health and beauty benefits, homemade bone broth (a longer-simmered version of soup stock) […]

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How to Keep the Nutrients You Eat

by guest blogger Morley Robbins. If you learn nothing else from this series of essays on magnesium, this one fact will change your life, and if you take steps to reverse this metabolic truism, it will change your health. I guarantee it! Given that, it’s really important to understand what aspects of your daily stress can be reduced or possibly eliminated. Here are some important questions for you to answer:

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The 11 Best Sources of Magnesium

by guest blogger Morley Robbins. I’m often asked, “Where can I find more magnesium in my diet?” That’s such an important question! In fact, it’s usually the second question people ask me after first wanting to know how its deficiency is related to most, if not all, of their day-to-day symptoms. Magnesium is pervasive in many nutrient-dense foods that our ancestors knew about and relied upon to nourish their “batteries” with this vital master electrolyte. Here are the best sources…

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The Super Powerful Mineral You’re Not Getting Enough Of

by guest blogger Morley Robbins. I invite your questions, your comments, but most of all your open minds to the truth about the stealth factor in disease in America. We have been misled. We are being misfed. I will help pull back the curtain for all to see…

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