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13 Life Lessons All Parents Should Teach Their Kids

by the editors of Prevention Forget the Mom guilt—these basic health, nutrition, fitness, and happiness 101s are easy to impart to your family. In fact, you’ve probably ingrained most of them already! But it never hurts to reflect on how well your kids are hearing—and adhering to—these life lessons, and see if it might be […]

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Sex Not Food

Sex, not food? What, I’m sure you’re wondering, is Maria going to be talking about now? Allow me to explain. I love food. I am a food blogger, among other things. But with Valentine’s Day coming up, I got to thinking about how I too often see, in my own life and in the lives […]

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Equal but Separate

by guest blogger Renee James, essayist and blogger I can’t believe it took researchers this long to figure out two things about heterosexual preferences. Number 1: Women like men and men like women. Number 2: Their everyday behavior bears that out. Let’s take a little trip back to the tumultuous days of the 1960s, shall […]

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The Sexiest Scent of All

by guest blogger Maya Rodale. I used to have a signature scent: It was Chanel No. 22 (the younger, lighter version of Chanel No. 5, whose ads now feature Brad Pitt). My daily spritz of perfume was such a part of moi that on the one day I forgot it, I popped into Sephora on my way to work for a free spritz, lest I feel incomplete. These days, I only use unscented products, but I still spend a lot of time thinking about scent.

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Let’s Talk about Sex

Let’s get things out in the open. I’m about to offend many of you. I wish that weren’t the case, but for so many people, just the topic of sex is offensive. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it.

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3 Aphrodisiac Smoothies

by guest blogger Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH. I have probably investigated more than 100 aphrodisiacs in my career, and the majority (90-plus) have little to no merit. But a few, such as arginine, capsaicin, ginger, and maca, are interesting and do deserve some attention.

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5 Ways To Boost Your Libido Naturally!

by guest blogger Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH. Low libido is a very common problem for women. But there are natural ways to help give you a boost. Here are some of the ones I know to work well:

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10 Easy Ways to Talk with Your Daughter about Sex

I have three girls—one who is grown, one who is just going through puberty, and one who is almost 3—and I am a firm believer in talking about sex. My husband and I both came from families where that didn’t happen well…OK, at all. And we were left to our own devices, which is NEVER a good thing when you are a kid. I never want my girls to feel as ignorant and underprepared as I was. Because whether we like it or not, our daughters turn into young women with sexual feelings, and if we love them, we want their experiences to be positive, love-filled ones. Ignorance makes it easier for young girls to be taken advantage of. And these days, unprepared sex can lead to all sorts of diseases and death, in addition to lifelong trauma. And while a vaccine like the HPV shot makes it seem like our girls are safe, not only are there risks associated with the vaccine, it only covers one small aspect of their sexual safety.

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